Sassi“Benjamin has vast knowledge and endless patience for building quality instruments, and he’s not afraid to dare and try new things, like the surreal idea I had – an acoustic Bouzouki combined with a roaring electric guitar .. the amazing result, the Bouzoukitara, serves me well in dozens of concerts throughout the world, the instrument feels and sounds fantastic!”

– Yossi Sassi, Oriental rock guitar pioneer (Orphaned land founder, Solo artist and producer). yossisassi.com


Lubianiker“I decided to start working with Benjamin within the first 10 minutes of our first meeting, as it was bluntly apparent  that he was more intrigued in my needs and vision of the instrument than in presenting his capabilities and “Do’s & Don’ts”.

The result was far beyond my expectations, the “Atom Bass” came to be a thing of rare beauty and it’s sound is one of a kind, seeing how the neck was shaped to fit my hand, I feel almost no fatigue or pain even after long hours of rehearsing and performing. Overall, working with Benjamin was a lot of fun, and from the sketch to the stage, it’s one of the best bass experiences I had.”

-Or Lubianiker, Bass player extraordinaire (Yossi Sassi, Marty Friedman and more…).